The average game rating is around 6.41 or 6.42 so from that we can determine that the rating for an average skater in the NHL is the same. Since ratings were typically from just under 6 to just over 7 for all 1,000 skaters from the 2021-22 season I thought I would break down the different rating tiers for the type of player who should be where they are.

6.8 and above - These are the best of the best and each team would love to have two or three of these guys.

6.54 to 6.79 - These are your top six forwards and your top four defencemen or budding stars. A player in this range who doesn't play that role will usually be at the top of the league in blocked shots or have pretty high shots on goal per game but struggle to produce.

6.41 to 6.53 - These are above-average skaters who have some flaws to their game or any struggling top six or top four, who need to improve their play. This is a regular range for young players who are earning top minutes and expanded roles for the first time in their careers.

6.26 to 6.4 - These are bottom-six/bottom-four skaters who are bonafide NHLers but might be on the way up or on the way down in their career arc. This is the range that every NHL team should strive to have the bottom of their roster comfortably in.

6.20 to 6.25 - These are the skaters who are struggling regulars or players trying to establish themselves in the league. They typically aren't afforded a lot of ice time but must make the most of their minutes when they do play. It is not uncommon to see these players in and out of the lineup or put on waivers.

6.19 and below - These are the true replacement-level players or young players who have been given an opportunity and struggling to prove they're ready for the NHL. Most times they aren't if they can't move up.

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