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Accurate player valuations for 2023-24.

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Compare players across different teams and seasons to understand their relative value.

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Specialized criteria to accurately rate players based on available statistics.

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Compare goalies across different teams and seasons to understand their relative value.

Understanding Our Player Ratings

At PGR - NHL Player Game Ratings, we employ a comprehensive and data-driven approach to evaluate and rate every NHL player and goalie. Our methodology integrates advanced statistics and game performance metrics to provide an accurate and fair assessment of each player's contributions on the ice.

We start by collecting a vast array of data points from every game, including traditional stats like goals, assists, and saves, as well as advanced metrics such as Corsi, Fenwick, and expected goals. This data is then processed through our proprietary algorithms, which weigh each metric based on its relevance to a player's overall performance and impact on the game.

Additionally, we are able to place a monetary valuation on each player based on their ratings to date. By combining these elements, we ensure that our ratings reflect not just raw numbers, but the true value and effectiveness of each player in real game scenarios.

Our goal is to provide fans, analysts, and teams with the most accurate and insightful player ratings available, helping them to better understand and appreciate the nuances of the game.

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